Well, ain’t this a tough one… Covid and it’s restrictions!!

After much ado (aka agonising), I have decided to only accept bookings from double vaccinated guests.

No support or information has been made available regarding the obligations of the accommodation industry, so it’s one of those awful decisions I have had to make.

“Looking after people”, it’s what we do here, and I don’t know a better way to fulfil that responsibility other than taking this action. No matter how well a property safeguards itself against this virus, all visitors will potentially be mingling within our local community making it a much bigger issue than just me and my little resort.

I understand this won’t suit everyone and that it’s a crappy situation, for us all. Unfortunately, unprecedented times call for unprecedented actions.

My job is to provide a happy and peaceful haven with the freedom for all guests to feel safe while continuing to protect my own community.

I look forward to seeing you soon.


Diamond Beach Resort Update

Anyone else feeling like they’re stuck in a dinner party with someone they don’t like and can’t get rid of? Just awkwardly sitting there, shrugging, trying to make small talk, but it’s almost impossible because they’re quite literally the worst person ever? The piss off coffee was served hours ago, but they’re still not getting the hint?

Well Miss Rona, it’s time that you bloody well left. Quit killing my vibe! If you’re like me, the novelty of this pandemic has well and truly worn thin. I’ve watched everything there is to watch on Netflix. And then some. I’ve consumed my body weight in baked goods. And then some. I’ve arranged my furniture in every possible way. Then I put it back. Thankfully, I don’t have the guts to attempt a home haircut, but boy have I enjoyed watching other peoples. In a time where toilet paper is more valuable than gold and 1.5 metres is the new 5 second rule, I find myself looking to what it is I can control.

The Diamond Beach Resort has been patiently waiting to welcome you all back, to a familiar and fun time away from the craziness that has all become our lives. An escape from home-schooling and zoom conferencing and from the four walls that you’ve all come to know so well. We’re clearing our grounds, sweeping the pool and hyping up the puppies who are so so ready for more cuddles and pats from their extended Diamond Beach Family.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to announce a shift in resort Management. Owner/Director Gabriel Manning has moved offsite to take up an exciting opportunity in Melbourne. I wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

That’s all from me. Just wanting to check in on you and let you know that this too, shall pass. Stay safe, stay happy and I hope to see you very soon!


Dolphins & Whales

Diamond Beach is home to migrating humpback whales, majestic pods of dolphins and many other native Australian creatures. When you visit during migration season be sure to always have your camera handy.

Sports & Leisure Facilities

Spend the day at the beautiful beach right on our doorstep or spend a couple of hours relaxing by the pool in a sun lounge. For the active, have a game on the full sized tennis court , volley ball court, table tennis table or darts. Our poolside BBQ area includes 3 BBQ's and a pizza oven. A large common room with tables and chairs is also available on request.